About Vodobatinib

What is vodobatinib?

Vodobatinib was synthesized by researchers at SPARC to help patients with CML who no longer respond to their previous medications or can’t tolerate them due to side effects.


We are actively enrolling patients into this international Phase II trial. Please click here to get more information about this trial for you and your doctor to see if this clinical trial may be appropriate for you.

Vodobatinib Patient Information Video.
Is vodobatinib a pill or an injection?
  • It can be taken by the patient at home at their convenience.
  • Vodobatinib is supplied as a capsule or a powder which is taken with water.
Has vodobatinib been studied in patients?
  • Vodobatinib has been studied in patients with CML in a Phase I trial.
  • The purpose of the Phase I trial was to get initial experience with our drug in patients to learn about its safety and what doses would be appropriate for further investigation.
  • The Phase II trial is enrolling patients - the purpose is to determine if the drug has promising efficacy, to see what dose could be best and to further study safety.
Patients in the Phase I trial are still being followed
  • Early anti leukemic activity and safety with vodobatinib was observed in patients failing multiple TKIs. The initial results can be found at (ASH 2019 publication).
  • The patients are still being followed, some of the patients have completed > 24 months of therapy.
  • When the patients complete their follow up, the results of that Phase I study will be published as well.
  • Phase II study to confirm these results and continue to learn about the potential benefits and safety profile of vodobatinib is enrolling.
  • If this study is successful, we plan to present the data to national regulatory authorities to get permission to make vodobatinib available to patients outside the setting of a clinical trial.