Vodobatinib Clinical Trial for relapsed patients

The study is open for enrollment

Vodobatinib has been studied in a Phase I trial in patients with CML. Phase II trial is currently enrolling patients failing or intolerant to at least 3 prior tyrosine kinase inhibitors (TKI) including ponatinib globally (NCT02629692 )

Study Overview
Study is recruiting
Study design Open label (no one receives placebo)
Who can participate in this study Subjects with Ph+ CML - CP, CML - AP and CML - BP
Key eligibility criteria
  • At least 3 prior medicines taken for CML including ponatinib (Iclusig)
  • Your CML does not respond to the medication or you are not able to tolerate the side effects
You may qualify for the study if:
  • Are at least 18 years of age
  • Have CML which has been previously treated
  • Have tried at least 3 different medications for CML which stopped working or had to be stopped because of side effects
  • Was one of them Iclusig (ponatinib)
Recruiting in the following locations:

USA | UK | Belgium | France | Italy | Spain | Hungary | Romania | Singapore | Korea

Find a trial site location near you
    What happens if you decide to enrol in the study:
    • You will need to visit the study center where the study doctor or personnel will explain what is involved in the study, what is expected from you and from the study site
    • You will learn about possible risks and benefits of participating in the study
    • You cannot be guaranteed about the benefit or possibility of side effects
    • Upon understanding and agreeing the information given, you will need to provide written signed consent for participation in the study
    • After providing written signed consent, you will be evaluated by the site's study physician to confirm if the study is right for you after which you can enter the study
    • Study entry means you will be provided with vodobatinib. At regular intervals, you will be checked to see if the drug is helping better your CML and to help monitor possible side effects
    • There will be no charge for tests that are included in study
    • If vodobatinib helps you, it will continue to be provided to you, upto 5 years if it is considered appropriate by your treating physician.
    • Vodobatinib is an investigational agent, there is no guarantee for it's commercial availability
    For additional information about this trial, go to www.clinicaltrials.gov